Patient Participation Group

The practice has a Patient Participation Group.  If you are interested in joining please contact the practice.

PPG Meeting – 30/04/19.


Discussed matters arising: 


Parking - Local schools have been approached, this is an ongoing case and is getting monitored.


Website redesign – Ongoing, Discussed that it is good that the PPG is advertised on the first page.


News Letter – On-going.  Sent out every quarter with up to date information with regards to any public holidays and any services being offered ie shingles vaccinations etc.


Pharmacy closure at lunch time – Discussion with both chemists and they are not in agreement about staggering lunch time closure.  The group was informed that the health centre is still open via the phone for any emergencies.


Extending Hours – Discussion with the GP’s and at the moment no extending hours will be available.


DNA – This is an ongoing discussion, both the system and DNA letters to be looked at and any changes will be made in due course.  To put up posters up about the number of DNA appointments missed.


Tannoy System – It is up as loud as it can go, Possibly approach health board about information TV screens.


Staffing update – Group informed that Carol Cogan decided to leave due to family issues and won’t be coming back.  We have 2 new receptionists and Jenna will be moving onto her new role as Health Care Assistant.


Prescription Box – With the confidentiality barrier in place at reception, group felt they were ‘looked at’ for skipping the queue to put in a re-order slip and felt that perhaps the prescription box could be re-located within reception. 


Special requests – Asking if the slips for special requests could be moved from the current location (back of waiting area) to a more suitable place as this would help those patients who are in wheelchairs and have limited mobility.  For discussion on relocation.


Fundraising – To have any ideas what to do for fundraising and which local charity/group to raise money for, would like to keep it with-in Dalry.  It was decided perhaps doing something for Halloween and could ask whether midwife could crochet a witch, spider, cat for raffle, group like the idea of another coffee morning. 


School – To approach the senior primary classes and explain the importance of keeping appointments. 


N.O.D.A – No One Dies Alone charity was discussed. 


PPG Timing – It was asked whether the meeting timings could be varied as some group members find it difficult coming at night.  To be discussed.


Issue with flooding – Jobs for assessment have been raised on 12/03/19 & 12/04/19.  Will send another job request 01/05/19.


Chaperone Policy – Was asked if the surgery provides this service and how do patients go about asking.  It was discussed that we do provide the service, there are posters in the waiting room and consulting rooms.  Patients can either ask for a chaperone at time of making appointment so the receptionist can note it and can also ask the GP at the time of appointment.  It was discussed that it would be a Nurse or the Health Care Assistant would be the chaperone, but further training for other staff would be arranged to cover this when the Nurse or HCA is unavailable.


Caring for Ayrshire – New service available in Ayrshire.


PPG – It was discussed to perhaps get members form other PPG groups in local surgeries to attend our meeting.


PPG Meeting – 31st July 2019


Attendance – Susan Dillon, Lesley Grier, Jayne Knox, Gordon Harkins, Jacqueline Mack.


Visitor from Kilbirnie Health Centre PPG – David Gardener.



David brought us a sample of the Kilbirnie Health Centre Practice Booklet to the meeting.  They approached Tesco for funding.  Was agreed that this was a good idea for Dalry to have something similar and will approach Lidl to see about funding then possibility of speaking to Ardrossan Printing Company to do our booklet. (will get prices).


David spoke about the Men’s Shed which is based at Kilbirnie Public Park for the Garnock Valley.  He will hand in leaflets.  Will discuss with the GP’s.



We spoke about the possibility of putting an alert on ‘serial’ DNA’ers.  This was discussed as it could be a trigger for clinicians to ask about previous DNA’s to ensure there wasn’t an underlying problem that the patient didn’t want to be seen for previously.



Website is still a work in progress, however Jayne Knox mentioned that she would speak to her son to see if he could help build a new website as he does this as a job. (ongoing)



Parking issues were brought up.  Susan will approach the health board to see if the space at the front of the building could be used for additional parking.  (ongoing)



We let the group know about the new server going in and that during the 2 dates it will be urgent appointments only and informed them that prescriptions should be put in the week before as we won’t be able to do any when the computers are down.



Signposting was mentioned and explained that it does help if patients are giving details of why they need to be seen so that they will be seen by the correct person. 



We explained that we are looking into our recall system and apologised for any duplicate letters that they may have received.  We hope that the new system will stop this.  After explanation the group were more informed about why this happens.



Fundraising was brought up.  We are hoping to do some fundraising at Halloween, Susan will approach PPG member Margaret Bryden to see if we can borrow some Halloween decorations for the surgery.  We will also be doing fund raising at our Flu Day (date to be confirmed) and also our Christmas Raffle.  It was agreed that the money should go towards another AED, hopefully to be installed near Lidl as there is one at the Cross.  Susan to check whereabouts of any AED’s in Dalry.



Extended hours was discussed but this is still an ongoing request at the moment.



It was agreed that the PPG group would like to see a copy of the Practice Newsletter before it is circulated.  Next news letter will be Autumn (sept).


PPG would now meet every 2 months.  Date of next meeting:  End September.

PPG MEETING – Thursday 26th September 2019-09-27

In attendance – Jayne Knox, Ellen Clark, Sandra Scott, Susan Dillon, Lesley Grier


Garnock Valley Visually Impaired Group

Based at Bridgend, Kilbirnie, the group meets the first Wednesday of the month, 1.15pm.  They have been running for 11 years.  They have 22 members.  Through the year they raise funds to allow them to hire a bus and go on day trips. 

Funds raised by the raffel on flu day will be donated the visually impaired group.


Dalry Food Bank

Funds raised by our Christmas raffel will be donated to the food bank.  Local ‘Be Green’ news paper has a lot of information of services in and around Dalry.  Was discussed that the Surgery could put an article in the paper with any updates and happening news about the clinic.


Art Work

We are to get the local school children to paint some pictures for the surgery.  Dalry Art Group meets at Rosearden every wed afternoon.  We are interested in getting old photographs of Dalry, Jayne will hand in an ‘Old Dalry’ photo book.  Can take copies of the pictures.


Coffee Morning

Susan has been invited to meet with the community at the weekly coffee morning in Rosearden.  It runs every Tuesday between 9am & 11.30am.


Flu Day

Asking members of the PPG to come along to our flu day to help sell raffel tickets and take patients updated contact details.

Flu Rota – Ellen Clark – AM.  Jayne Knox – AM.  Sandra Scott – PM

It was suggested that those patients who have attended for a flu vac are entered into the free prize draw.  They could be given a free raffel ticket. (prize to be discussed)

Posters will be put up in the community next week to advertise our flu day.

Fundraising ideas

An idea to help rais money is ‘guess the weight of the christmas cake’.  Susan to speak to Dr Park to ask her if she would like to bake the cake.



Ellen has agreed to help make halloween bags for the children, Jayne will carve pumpkins and lend us halloween decorations to decorate the waiting room.

Tablet will also be made.


Update on Nurses

The group was informed that both our Practice Nurses are going on training at university.  One will become our Advanced Nurse Practitioner and the other will be our new Practice Nurse Prescriber.  The group thought this was good, they understood that this could certainly help with the daily demand of appointments.


On the day appointments

At the start of October we are going to be more stricter with the ‘emergency’ appointment pool.  Posters will be put up in the surgery, with examples of what we class as ‘urgent’ to make the patients aware of the changes. 

We could put an article in the ‘Be Green’ of our changes.


Missed Appointments

The group was informed of the number of DNA’s in August (75) and how it had increased from July (69).  It was suggested the Council Office coulc put a notice on their information screen about this.


Staff Changes

The group was advised of our new Modern Apprentice, Hollie, who will be with us for a year working towards her SVQ.  The group were also informed of out new receptionist, Lindsay, who will be starting with us on 9th October.



The group was informed that we have received 6 complaints in a year.

Complaints procedute to be updated.



Minutes of PPG meeting – 21/01/20


·        Parking issues brought up.  Ongoing problem. 


·         Website a work in progress

·         In formed group that there will be a surgery Facebook page for information only.  Hopefully will be able to reach out to patients this way with information on upcoming clinics.


·         Informed group of new phone system getting installed on 1st Feb and we go ‘live’ Monday 3rd feb.


·         Raised £110 at our Christmas raffle.  Donated to St Palladius Primary School.


·         Extended Opening Hours – Still in discussion.  Not at the moment


·         Informed group of new Physiotherapist in the surgery.  Started on 9th January.  Is here every Thursday morning between 8.30am & 12.30pm.  Patient’s can self refer.  No need to see GP.


·         Smoking Cessation clinic run in conjunction with ‘Quit Your Way’.  Heather Gillespie offers 1:1 appointments.  Can see for one appointment then can deal over the phone.  Every Friday between 2pm & 5pm.


·         Pharmacy first – Gallagher pharmacy – Sexual health Clinic every Wednesday 2pm – 5pm.


·         Dalry Art Club will donate pictures to brighten up the surgery.


·         Hopefully Dalry Camera Club will donate.  Susan to approach.


·         DNA’s update to group.  Explained that 2 letters will be sent by reception.  Then if 3rd within the year a letter will be sent by PM.  If another DNA within year of letter getting sent.  Discussed with Partners.  Suggestion to split monthly DNA’s into GP/Nurse/HCA to show how many is missed for each clinician


·         Idea for setting up a walking group once a week 12-1pm – tips on diet, weight checks, social occasion.  Promotional materials, recipes, Will set target weight.  Will put out notices.  HCA to lead on this.


·         MDT attached to surgery – Pharmacist, Pharmacist Technician, Community Link Worker, Physiotherapist.  Possibly a Mental Health Worker 2.5 days a week


·         Hearing Aid Clinic – Was discussed that Dalry Library has a hearing aid clinic once a week, Myra/Jayne will get more information on this.


·         Fundraising ideas  for Easter – Design easter egg.


·         Money raised – Looking for groups/local charities .  Raise money for a “talking bench”.  Rosearden.


·         Idea for Well man Clinic.  Well Teen Clinic.  To be discussed.


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